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If I need help, will there be someone available to speak with me?
We are committed to making your CaseNEX experience a positive one. For general questions email or call 866.817.0726 ext. 1. For technology questions email

How do I know if your classes will be accepted for endorsement in my state?
Our courses were developed to meet the requirements of many states. Please check with your district and or state licensing office on specific requirements. Most states require that courses be taken for graduate credit so that you receive an 'official' transcript. It is important to determine if a course meets state requirements before registering.

Do I have to buy a textbook for the course?
A few select courses require a text (which will be indicated at the time of enrollment). Most courses, however, include all materials online. These materials are included in the price of tuition.

Will my graduate course transfer into my current or a future graduate degree program?
It is important to talk with your university advisor to see if your CaseNEX course will transfer into a graduate degree program. Most universities only allow six graduate credits (two courses) to transfer. In addition, the credits must fulfill a program requirement to count towards a degree.

How can I pay for my course?
You may pay by credit card, check, or district purchase order (PO). If your district will be paying by PO, please have them email Mercedes Cordero ( to make the payment arrangement. All individuals paying for courses must pay in full at registration in order to be enrolled in a course.

What is the CaseNEX privacy policy?
CaseNEX, LLC is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our site. CaseNEX, LLC does not sell or trade its website's visitors' personal information, such as names, addresses and mailing lists. CaseNEX, LLC will not share or divulge your credit card information, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or any other personal information collected at its website to advertisers, sponsors or any other third parties without your informed, written consent.

Is there a refund policy?
Yes, please see our refund policy page.

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Registration Process:

How do I register?
Please click here to see the list of current course offerings and to sign up for a course.

What's the difference between PDU and graduate credit?
PDU, or 'professional development unit' credit, may count toward teacher recertification.
Each state calculates professional development credits differently, PDU is a Virginia term, synonymous to "continuing education credit " or "continuing education unit ." A standard collaborative CaseNEX course is worth 45 contact hours. In Virginia, 45 contact hours are worth 90 PDUs. A certificate of completion is awarded once PDU course requirements are met. Most CaseNEX courses can also be taken for three university graduate credits. Once graduate credit requirements are met, an official university transcript is granted by a CaseNEX university partner.

How and when do I receive my final grade?
Final grades will be posted in Casemail with the subject: Final Grade. If you take a class for graduate credit, please follow the directions on the Transcript Request Information page to obtain a transcript.

What is a PIN? When will I get it?
A PIN is an access code that you use to get into the course for which you signed up. PINs are sent out 3-5 days before the class start date.

I have my PIN, now what do I do?
1. Click the link provided in your Course Access email. Your PIN number will automatically appear on the create account page. Fill in the remaining blanks yourself and create a new username and password. (A new username is needed for each course).
Note: If you receive an error message that says: Problem Processing Pin, please clear your browser history and cache, refresh the page, and try again.
2. After creating your username and password write it down so you don't forget! Then enter your information into the green circle at

If I am a returning CaseNEX student, can I use the same username?
Our current system requires that you have a unique username for each course you take. The password, however, can be the same.

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Course Specifics:

What is a collaborative course? CaseNEX offers collaborative cohort courses that are 8 weeks, plus a half week introductory session. All materials and assignments are completed online. Group interaction occurs in a class discussion. Receive weekly feedback from a qualified instructor. These courses may be taken for either professional development or graduate credit.

What's the online environment like?
Our online environment includes:

  1. Student journals - Students privately reflect on journal prompts (viewable only by the student and instructor). These prompts encourage reflection on personal experiences, related readings, provided cases, and prompts provided by the facilitator.
  2. Class discussion - Discussion topics are posted each session by your facilitator. Postings should mimic dialogue between classmates and the facilitator, and include application of the session’s readings to the issues raised in the discussion prompt.
  3. Case mail - CaseMail is an internal email system in which students and the instructor can send correspondence.
  4. Virtual Library - The Virtual Library houses all of our online readings, journals and newspapers. The syllabus provides the specific readings that students should look up using the Virtual Library Database.
  5. Workbook - The workbook is a place for students to apply course concepts to their unique school situation.

How does an online course work?
Each class has a syllabus that outlines the student's weekly requirements. Each week the student must:

  1. Read the case assigned - found on the main page
  2. Read any assigned readings - found by looking under that week's case name in the virtual library. Follow this path from the blue menu bar: Class Material » Virtual Library » Readings
  3. Respond to the assigned journal prompt - go to Journal from the green menu bar
  4. Join in the weekly discussion 3 times. Go to Discuss from the green menu bar and find the appropriate week's discussion
  5. Complete any other assignments as noted in the syllabus
  6. Check your Case Mail from the green menu bar daily

How long does a course take?
A standard course runs 8 weeks and one half weeks.

Do I have to complete the entire course at one time?
Yes, courses are collaborative and there is interaction with both your peers and instructor. All members must keep up with the requirements as outlined in the syllabus. Special arrangements can be made for extenuating circumstances.

When do classes meet?
For 3-credit courses, students are expected to do at least 45 hours of work per credit, for a total of 135 hours. Students are expected to do at least 135 hours of course-related work or activities during the session. The amount of time spent preparing for and completing each component of the course will vary from student to student, but in general this course was designed so that participants will spend 18 hours posting and responding to other participants discussion prompts (three hours per session); 24 hours researching, outlining, writing, and editing responses to the course journal prompts (4 hours per session); 36 hours reading and engaging with the case study and readings used in each session (6 hours per session) and 60 hours researching, outlining, writing, and editing responses to the course’s 3 Workbook assignments, including performing any tasks required by the assignment (20 hours per workbook assignment).

Will I be able to talk about what I learn with others?
Of course! All of our courses are collaborative. Online discussion with classmates is a major part of each course. In addition, instructor interaction and feedback is constant through Case mail, journals and workbooks.

How do I reach my instructor?
Reach your instructor by going to Case mail on the green menu bar. Create a new message and select the instructor's name from the list of email addresses. If you do not hear back from your instructor, please email and we will put you in touch.

Is there a student manual to provide additional information about the online tools?
Yes, a detailed student manual can be found at the following link--student manual.

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Tech Questions:

What computer skills will I need?
CaseNEX courses are designed to be technology friendly. Students should have a basic understanding of computers. In addition, you will need to be able to use a keyboard and a mouse, cut and paste text, navigate the internet, and potentially download software. Experience with email is also helpful. CaseNEX is available to help any teacher with any skills questions.

What kind of computer hardware and software do I need?
All you need to complete a CaseNEX course is a computer and internet connection. Our courses run on both MAC and PCs and work on all browsers. Any software needed will be available to download.

Who can I call for help?
For technology questions email or call 866-817-0726.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Click "forgot password" underneath the green login circle on the home page.

I click the link to access my journal, but nothing happens.
Did you register twice with the course access pin number? If so, you need to use the first login you created to access your course. If you cannot remember this login, please email

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Which players do I need to install in order to watch CaseNEX video?
Most of our videos use Windows Media Player. This comes pre-installed on most computers using Windows. Make sure your version is up to date by going to Microsoft's Windows Media Player download page.

Mac OSX Users: To play Windows Media Videos on your Mac, you will need to download Windows Media Components for QuickTime

Additionally, some of our videos and audio content requires QuickTime in order to play. You can download QuickTime at Apple's Download QuickTime page.

A few CaseNEX videos will have an option to play the video using Adobe Flash Player. If you wish to use this option, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed and up to date here: Adobe Flash Player Downloads.

All video players required for the CaseNEX site are free to use and download.

I've downloaded all the above video players and the videos still won't play. Now what?
Some web browsers require a plugin to play Windows Media videos. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, download and install the plugins in the links below. Internet Explorer does not require a plugin to play Windows Media videos.

Another option if you are having trouble is to use the "Download to Portable Media Player" link in your case. Here you can download either the Zune or iPod version of the video. You don't actually need an iPod or Zune for these videos, they can be played directly on your computer after downloading.

When I click a video link absolutely nothing seems to happen.
For your convenience CaseNEX case videos are loaded in a seperate window from the case page. Internet security software and modern web browsers will often block "Pop-up" pages from appearing. For more information on enabling pop-up pages on the CaseNEX website, click on the link below for your web-browser

Additional Support
If you are still having trouble accessing the videos on our website, you may want to contact your Systems Administrator to find out if there are any security measures that may prevent you from streaming videos on your network.

You may also contact us for additional support at 866-817-0726 or

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Applying for Graduate Credit (Non-Degree Seeking):

Where do I find forms to apply for Graduate Credit?
Please see our Graduate Application page.

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