Lincoln Center Institute and CaseNEX are proud to announce online courses dedicated to inquiry, imagination, and arts and education.

A four-part series offers in-depth study of selected themes, while the newly created Survery of LCI Practice course, composed of excerpts from two of the courses in the series, presents a rich overview.

The Institute's method is applicable across the curriculum and invaluable for all teachers. Case studies provide real-life explorations of issues in classroom settings.

The stunning, digital work of art at the center of the courses is Ghostcatching, created exclusively for the Internet by choreographer/dancer Bill T. Jones and two wizards of digital design, Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar.

Become acquainted with LCI's imaginative-learning method; learn to plan instructional units and guide the students' "noticing," a crucial part of Institute's pedagogy; create lessons that connect Ghostcatching to the curriculum and to your students' lives. Prepare to try it all out in your classroom!

We hope that that this introduction arouses your curiosity—and that the result will delight you.

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Online Course Introductory Video

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