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Case-Method Learning

Our technologically blended, case-based approach provides educators the opportunity to read cases, view streamed video, and follow links to a virtual library of current research. CaseNEX offers over 80 multimedia, web-based cases, or "slices of life," that form a bridge between best practices and the complex school environment. These cases form the basis for CaseNEX courses. Together, they provide teachers and administrators opportunities to practice recognizing and solving educational problems through the research-based, five-step method of case analysis described below.

The Five-Step Case-Analysis Method

CaseNEX has developed a research-based methodology that educators apply during case study analysis, and that they can then leverage in the everyday professional situations they encounter. The framework allows teachers to approach CaseNEX learning with a basis for interpretation, and to solve problems with confidence. The steps are: (1) identify educational issues, problems, or opportunities as they present themselves in the case; (2) recognize different perspectives or values that drive people's actions in the case; (3) call up personal, theoretical, and empirical knowledge relevant to the issues identified; (4) propose possible actions for handling the issues identified; and (5) forecast the likely consequences of such actions.

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Teachers and administrators who can perform these steps in case-based studies are likely to repeat the process when faced with similar situations in their classrooms. This methodology lends credence to our product offerings and becomes an invaluable tool that improves our users' experiences when analyzing cases; it allows them to more readily apply learnings in their everyday situations. This is precisely the type of job-embedded professional development required by the federal No Child Left Behind legislation.

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