Young Scholars: Committed Professionals

Course Description

This module, the first in a series of four, will help educators plan for the adoption the Young Scholars Model into their school or school division. Participants examine the critical nature of leadership, collaboration, and professional development for the success of school-wide implementation. The course will also highlight best practices for targeted instruction for gifted students from traditionally underrepresented groups.


Upon completion of this course, participants will


    • Guiding principles for leadership in a Young Scholars School that lead to systemic change
    • The varied roles of the GT resource teachers and classroom teachers in a Young Scholars School for sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise
    • Research-based, best practices for curriculum and instruction that are designed to challenge and engage advanced learners


    • The importance of a dedicated, community of professionals to effectively teach all students at high levels
    • The need for collaboration among professionals for effective implementation of the Young Scholars model
    • How a high quality and challenging curriculum designed for all students builds on strengths and develops their unique talents

Be able to:

    • Incorporate teaching strategies focused on real-world applications and critical thinking skills
    • Provide a safe and nurturing classroom environment for challenging work and student risk-taking
    • Develop a framework for on-going, targeted professional development



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