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DEKALB ESOL Endorsement Registration

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new CaseNEX PD platform! The new site will feature new and improved course functionality, a streamlined registration process and a one time login feature. No more creating multiple logins for multiple courses! Additionally, course participants will have the ability to access previous and current courses via a new personalized participant dashboard.

Please follow the instructions below to gain access to the platform and complete your Participant Orientation. If you are already registered on the new platform, please skip part 1. You can then just go to and sign in to access your dashboard. If you have registered for the platform and have received a redeem code, please refer to Part 2.

Part 1

  1. Click the following link, which will take you to the screen below:

  2. Enter your personal information into the fields (use your school email address to register) and then create and confirm your password.

  3. In the field that says Enter Code Here, please enter: dekalbesol and then click Validate. Once you click Validate the screen will appear like this:

  4. Click in the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click REDEEM.

  5. Once you click Redeem you will need to complete the on boarding survey and then you will have access to your Participant Dashboard.

  6. Complete the "Course Participant Orientation" by clicking the course included on your Participant Dashboard, so that you can become familiar with the new features and course layout.

Part 2

In order for your courses to appear in your dashboard, you will need to:

  1. Sign into the platform by going to

  2. Once you log in and have access to your participant dashboard, click the REDEEM link in the top menu.

  3. Enter the REDEEM code emailed to you 1-3 days prior to the start date of your course (Please Note: the code will be different from the code mentioned above in your initial registration), and then click Validate. Next, click that you accept the terms and conditions and click Redeem. You will then be able to log in and start your course(s). (You will only be able to start the course on the course start date.)

  4. Then your course will appear in your dashboard!

Please note, once you are registered on our platform, you will not have to register again. You will only receive a REDEEM code for each course you take. The code may be sent 1­-3 days prior to the start date of your course.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact us at:

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