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Welcome Washington County Teachers!
 Registration is OPEN.

CaseNEX is pleased to announce Online Gifted Education Courses for Washington County Teachers - Cohort III.

Teachers in Maryland have an opportunity to earn certification as a Gifted and Talented Education Specialist.

To be certified as a Gifted and Talented Education Specialist in Maryland – Earn a master's degree AND complete 18 semester hours of graduate course work in Gifted and Talented Education from an Institute of Higher Education, which includes content in six competencies (see link for competencies) and at least three hours in a clinical/laboratory internship.

Approval for obtaining this certification is made through a transcript review completed by your local Board of Education. CaseNEX cannot guarantee approval for certification.

Through CaseNEX courses, educators are exposed to the latest research regarding content knowledge and instructional strategies. The convenience of an online course means that time spent commuting to class and money spent on gas is reduced. Participants collaborate with peers and receive instructor feedback from the comfort of their home. All materials and assignments are accessed and completed online. Courses are 8 weeks in length, and easy to integrate into a busy schedule. You may choose to enroll in a course for three graduate credits or Professional Development.

Learn more about our course requirements:  8 session

The courses include multimedia cases with video of actual classrooms, students, teachers and administrators. Cases also include critical perspectives of leading education faculty from across the country, as well as student work samples and teacher lesson plans. The cases are "slices of life" that bring learning alive and form a realistic connection between professional development and the complex school environment. Case method learning encourages participants to reflect on what works, to collaborate on the design of solutions to instructional challenges, and to put theory into practice.


Graduate Credit Information

Students who are applying for graduate credit please click here.

Students who have completed application materials do NOT need to request transcripts. They will be mailed to your registration address within 6-8 weeks of course completion.

Course costs are listed below and refund information can be found on our FAQs page. For additional information, contact Payment must be received before the course start date. You may pay online or by check. Please make checks payable to CaseNEX, LLC and mail to: CaseNEX, LLC, 105 West Main Street, #3, Charlottesville, VA 22902.


$750 for 3 Graduate Credits. required application
Courses are available for graduate credit only.


Course Sequence

Below is a list of our current course offerings. Fill in the form to register for a course and we will contact you approximately one week before the start of the course with login instructions. View a complete list of course descriptions.


May 24, 2015 – July 25, 2015
Socio-Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners
3 Semester Hours
 •  Transcripts available August 2015

Course participants will develop an understanding of the unique socio-emotional needs of gifted students and the instructional implications of this framework. Participants will explore characteristics of the gifted, developmental traits, vulnerabilities, and subsequent guidance and counseling needs, such as grade acceleration. Participants will apply current research on best practices for working with this unique group to their own teaching situation and explore ways to share this information with their colleagues.

FALL 2015
September 13, 2015 – November 14, 2015
Introduction to Curriculum for the Gifted
3 Semester Hours
 •  Transcripts available December 2015

The course explores how appropriate curricula for the gifted is a response to the cognitive and affective needs which may be unique to gifted learners as well as those they share with their peers. Participants will examine modifications in the content, process, product, affect, and learning environment of classroom and curricula as they relate to gifted learners. They will gain experience in developing concept-based, open-ended, flexibly paced curriculum that can be implemented in the classroom immediately.

January 24, 2016 – March 26, 2016
3 Semester Hours
 •  Transcripts available May 2016

Clinical/Laboratory Internship


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